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Top things to do in Timisoara on Your Next Tour

Adventure is one thing that you cannot take away from people. So many people cherish and even visit places just for the experience. With the emergence of the internet, it is now much easier to get a place that you can visit just in case you are unable to find any.

The best adventure is always the one that involves some traveling and particularly traveling abroad. If you are looking for a place to visit and enjoy the best experience, then you need to plan tours in Timisoara. This is one place that will offer you everything as far as fun and adventure are concerned.

This region, located in Romania, has the best sites that can suit your spirit of adventure. If you are wondering exactly what it is that you can do in this region, then you need to consider the list below. In short, there is so much for you; then you can even imagine, take a look.

  • The rose’s park

The region of Timisoara bears the nickname the city of flowers. In short, the city has the best flower gardens. There are so many parks in this region that you will enjoy visiting. There are so many parks and especially beside the bega river.

The main reason behind the designing of this park was the exposition. The park was dug and used by the Calvary during the Second World War. However, after this period, the park was replanted and later on reopened. If you need to get the best of this park, you need to visit the park during the summer season.

It is one of those rare attractions you will ever find anywhere. The Rosses in this area blossom, and they come in so many varieties.

  • The museum of the communist consumer

This museum is open to visitors and other people every day. Even though this museum looks exactly like home, but is filled with so many items from the communist times that date back to 1989. This attraction has been carefully put in place by the best Timisoara artists.

A visit to this will see you enjoy viewing some of the best ancient electronic artifacts like kitchen equipment that you have never seen anywhere.

  • Botanic Park

The location of this park is in the northwest part of the old town. This park took shape in the mid-years. If you visit this park, you will experience over 218 different species. You will enjoy so many gardens and herbs in this park. You will also have an opportunity to experience some of the best ornamental gardens.

You will also be able to see some of the oldest traces of the ancient citadel walls. This place is so ideal for visiting with your family. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy meeting other visitors in this garden. If you are thinking of adventure, then you need to try out the Botanic Park in Timisoara.


If you are looking for a place where you can have the best fun and adventure with your family, visit the Timisoara. There is so much for you that will leave you with long-lasting memories.

Top 5 eco-friendly cities around the world

As a result of too much-increased pollution and technology development, the sustainability of earth is in danger. It is becoming unbearable to see the extraordinary waste level and harmful emissions. Several local authorities and government across the globe have started pressurizing their citizens to start using eco-friendly means of living. One such example is eradicating the use of plastic bags and using reusable insulated custom bags. Here are the top 10 eco-friendly cities of the world who have brought in major changes in their way of living.

5.Reykjavik, Iceland

One of the most peaceful places to live on holiday is in Iceland. The city has a very small population of just 126000 people. This is one of the major factors why they could easily adapt to the change in the lifestyle. The city plans to eliminate the production of harmful gases by the year 2040. They not only promote walking and cycling but they also use public transport. The city has invested a lot of money by creating cycling parts and have encouraged the use of electric cars and develop free parking for the 9000 public employees.

4.Cape Town, South Africa

Captain has done exceptional changes to make itself eco-friendly. Krypton has started to look at several new in innovative technologies that will be able to create a more sustainable environment. They have begun to reuse the wind energy back in 2008. The government is increasing the use of cycling by investing in cell cycle routes. They have MyCiTi rapid service that allows the bikes to be on buses free of cost.

3.San Francisco, California

San Francisco is another one in the eco-friendliest cities in the world. The population is around 860000. The innovative solutions in San Francisco have led them to a comparatively sustainable lifestyle. San Francisco currently has diverted away 80% of their waste from the landfills. the authorities of San Francisco are pushing the legislation towards the ban of plastic bags and plastic water bottles to prevent damage that the cost to the environment.

2.Stockholm, Sweden

Another city which is measuring in the list of eco-friendly cities. With around 50 bridges and 49 and the city has made a fair pyramid of improvement to help citizens live a sustainable lifestyle. The city used to remove the use of fossil fuels by the end of the year 2040 an anchor is a greener way of living. Biofuel Instagram is becoming more and more popular which is generated from sewage waste and is used in powering vehicles all around the city.

1.Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has done several investments in green alternators and has used to be the first cities in the world. The city is moving towards becoming the first CO2 neutral city by the end of 2025. People cycle more year than using theirs on vehicles. 29% of the people in Copenhagen own cars. Hotels across the city are providing bicycles to their gas to reduce the uses of the car. Copenhagen also promotes organic eating. Out of total production, 24 percentage of it is organic. With all the beauty and sustainable environment, Copenhagen has become worth the visit.

Cuttack – The Historic City Of Festivals and Ancient Temples

Cuttack is the second largest city of Odisha. It was the former capital of the state. The city derives its name from the word Katak which means the fort. It is in the context that the whole city developed around the ancient Barabati Fort which was built in the 14th century. Not much of the fort is left today except the ruins. Rather a newly made Barabati Stadium just beside it now owes relevance to the fort implying on its historic significance. A number of sports and cultural events are organized in this stadium from time to time. Cuttack hotels offer warm hospitality and some of the preferable choices in accommodations are Hotel the Blue Lagoon, Hotel Manorama Plaza, Grand Residency, etc. Cuttack is well renowned for the Silver Filigree work that is done here since more than 1000 years. For this reason, the city is also called the Silvery City or the Millennium City. The state high court is also situated in this city and hence it is considered the judicial capital of the state. This is not all, Cuttack is also called the Commercial Capital of Odisha as it has several trading houses and businesses to its credit. The old part of Cuttack is the stretch of land situated right between Kathajodi and Mahanadi rivers. Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar are often called the twin cities of Odisha.

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Cuttack is known for its pilgrimage sites and festivals. There are a number of temples in Cuttack which are visited by people from all over the country throughout the year. Cuttack Chandi Temple is the most revered religious sites of the city. It is dedicated to the presiding deity of Cuttack, Goddess Chandi. The temple is situated close to Mahanadi river. Durga Puja and Kali Puja are celebrated with immense fervor and devotion at this temple. Another temple that commands a lot of reverence in Cuttack is the Gada Chandi Temple and the deity here is considered the Living Goddess. Dhabaleswar temple, Qadam Rasul, and Jama Masjid are some other religious sites in the city. There are a few churches as well.

Cuttack - The Historic City Of Festivals and Ancient Temples

Cuttack celebrates a number of festivals which attract plenty of tourists. Durga Puja is the most popular ceremony here. Hundreds of idols of Goddess Durga are prepared and decorated to celebrate the occasion. On the last day of Hindu Kartik month during November-December, Boita Bandana is celebrated. On this day, people pay tributes to the merchant of ancient Kalinga Kingdom and set miniature boats on sail in the rivers. This festival is similar to Bali’s Masakapan ke Tukad and Thailand’s Loi Krathong ceremonies. Bali Jatra festival is celebrated just after Boita Bandana and it is the second largest trade festival of Asia. The name literally means ‘A Voyage to Bali’ as in ancient times merchants used to sail to the regions of Bali, Java, Sumatra, etc. on trade business. Kartikeswar Puja and Kite Flying ceremonies are other cultural events that you can observe in Cuttack. The Oriya Film Industry, known as Ollywood, is also based in Cuttack. It can take more than three-four days to explore the whole city and participate in its festival. You can find a reasonable accommodation for a longer stay at one of the budget hotels in Cuttack.

Dimpy Roy

Dimpy Roy is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can find best Cuttack hotels and choose the best one.

Amazing Things To Do In Zurich

Everyone dreams of exploring Zurich once in their lifetime and why not, the city is extremely beautiful and has got many amazing things to see and do. Zurich is situated alongside glittering lakes and surrounded by alpine mountains. The old town named “Altstadt” offers you enormous numbers of shops to saunter. Viadukt is one of the attractions that you would definitely go and experience. Take a boat, ride a bike or just have an easy walk over a bridge. You must have thought to visit Zurich and worried about airport whereabouts. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, airport transfer service is extremely convenient to avail you taxi service from the airport to the hotel.

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In addition, you would love to enjoy dipping in the open air swimming pool that is definitely a therapy for most of us. Also, there are numerous scenic spas to chill. Viewing the city by hopping on a train is something that will give you the best experience in life. Be it restaurants, shopping complexes or any other historic places, Zurich airport transfer has lot more things to offer.

Here are some of the things you would love to do in Zurich.


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The Limmat Schifffahrt boat trip offers you the amazing view of the city and enjoy the sea life of Zurich. The boat is built to pass below the seven bridges over the Limmat, it can amazingly accommodate 51 passengers. The boat gets extremely crowded at the Landesmuseum station, where the boats start its first round trip, so you need to check the websites to get an early booking of the same. Having dinner cruise on a lake is amazing thing, you can also have that experience in Zurich.


The Niederdorf is a town that stretches between Central and Bellevue, locals often call it Dorfli. The town consists of two parts- Niederdorf and Oberdorf. If you love to buy items of commemorating things, then Niederdorf offers you many shops to buy such material. Also, you can enjoy fondue dishes in the restaurants of the town.


You would love to explore the Zurich West. the city is also called ‘Industriequartier’ as it has a large number of warehouses. You will definitely don’t want to miss the main attraction of the city that is ‘ Viadukt’- full of shops, restaurants, and bars. The Viaduct is built around the arches of old railway station.


One of the expensive shopping streets in the world is “Bahnhofstrasse”. Undoubtedly, it is most popular amongst the visitors. The main station consists of high street fashion brands and you would find luxury shops on the extreme upper ends. After shopping from the street, you would definitely share the amazing experience amongst your friends and family.

Now, you must be thinking to a plan a Zurich trip, so initiate your journey with all arrangements.

Lonavala: Top Places To Visit

The state of Maharashtra, located in the Deccan part of the country is the birthplace to many great warriors and freedom fighters. There are also different interesting regions and locations where tourists can plan their vacations and spend their holiday with their family and friends.

Lonavala Top Places To Visit

Visiting Lonavala Khandala

This is one place where locals are known to visit during their holidays. As a matter of fact, being a hilly place surrounded by lush greenery and numerous interesting points to visit, tourists visiting Mumbai, do make it a point to visit Lonavla to enjoy its mesmerizing beauty and charm. There are indeed several places of interest here that should not be missed out during the trip.

Some Popular Point of Interest at Lonavla

  • Duke’s Nose: It is really an amazing landmark which is sure to strike the eyes upon reaching the hilly region of Lonavala. The Duke’s nose structure is actually a large monolithic rock structure that pierces foggy clouds having a peculiar shape. The peak in local language is known as Nagphani, which means ‘Snake’s hood’.
  • Maval, Takve Lake: This site boasts of being having the most significant activities in Maharashtra’s history. It is also the place, where Chattrapati Shivaji, the greatest Marathi warrior is known to have trained his army known as the Malvas to fight the mighty Mughals. Lake Takve offers amazing opportunity to the tourists to engage themselves in various types of water sports and other water adventure sports.
  • Durshet: This region is located on the laps of Sahyadri range. It has been a popular weekend getaway among the locals. It is enclosed with lush green forests. There are several activities that can be undertaken during the trip.
  • Pawna Dam: This place is located close to Lohagad, and is among the astonishing places to visit. Established on the river Pavna, this region is regarded to be a significant development with regards to agricultural produce. It is indeed the perfect place to have sheer pleasure without the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life.
  • Ghangad – Tailbaila: It is a fort that is located amidst the Sahyadris. A lovely stream named Mulshi flows in this region. Located within Tamhini Ghat’s heart, the path towards the fort is quite simple. Two huge rocks gaps are present on the way to the post. Tailbaila is regarded to be a monolithic structure that has the shape of a cobra head.
  • Rajmachi: This fort is regarded to be among the loveliest of all treks in entire Maharashtra and hence, visited by trekkers during different times of the year. It is also stated to be the real delight and pride of Sahyadri ranges. It is surrounded by unmatched, charming natural beauty. The green tenable slopes leading to the forts do provide the tourist with the opportunity to explore nature at its very best.
  • Koraigad: It is still regarded to be a place that is left untouched by modernity and hence, is an offbeat place, offering a trek that is of world class. It does have a fabulous surrounding.

A well-planned trip to Lonavla Khandala ( can be really interesting.

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