Most Important Thing To Understand – The Culture And Traditions In Maldives

Most Important Thing To Understand – The Culture And Traditions In Maldives

As the Maldives is located in the mid of the Indian Ocean, its culture, customs, and traditions are all influenced by the countries surrounding it like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Arab, Persia, Indonesia, and even Arab. That is the reason it is said to be rich and vibrant in the culture. Maldivians are also incredibly warm, welcoming, and friendly people who can go to the extent to make their visitors or guests have a memorable holiday.

The Maldives is truly a piece of paradise on earth. It is composed of thousand islands located south of India. It is found to be on everyone’s travel bucket list. You can make your holiday worth living by trying one of the best resorts called the Pullman Maldives Maamutaa. This is a part of Zeldiva Luxury that provides personalized hospitality for every of its guest. This resort is said to be the first All-Inclusive resort.

Maldivian Culture and Traditions

There are certain cultural and traditions which the Maldives was able to preserve, even though many other traditions had been adapted by people who had migrated from other countries. So here are few lists of cultures for your understanding:

  • As we all know that back in 1153 AD, Maldivians were converted to Islam and that is the reason they follow Islamic religion and traditions. They also converse in their language which is called Dhivehi which is a combination of Indo-Iranian Sanskritic language.
  • Here it is a tradition that men will be engaged in fishery, carpentry, etc, whereas women are only engaged in raising families and household activities. Now with the advent of tourism since 1970, and the improvement and modernization adopted in the country, now you will see women hold crucial positions in many public and private sectors.
  • One peculiarity of the people here is their attachment to the sea. Men go fishing in the morning and when they return people gather around them to hold the fishes which the women would cook late in the evening.
  • When it comes to dance and music, you will be surprised to see a purely African rhythm. One of their traditional dances is named Boduberu (where the language and rhythm of drums played will make you feel the resemblance of East Africa)
  • Other music and even culinary will make you feel influencing Indian or South African taste. Here people use a lot of coconut milk, fish, and a variety of spices. You will find all this in their traditional dish named Roshi.
  • Maldivians are very good craftsmen. They are skilled at wood carving as well as lacquer works. You can see their incredible work at the Friday mosque. Even women here are good at making mats made from reeds. You will also find a large variety of jewelry all around the market.
  • You will find most of their cultural sites on the capital island Male. One of the examples would be Muleeaage Palace which is located in a magnificent garden.

Although the Maldives has a mixture of cultures from different countries, they have still created something of their own which everyone follows and respects.


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