Australia Road Signs – Be Aware of These Road Signs Before Getting Behind the Wheel

Australia Road Signs – Be Aware of These Road Signs Before Getting Behind the Wheel

Traffic signs are like a guide to travellers. Everyone on the road or at least those who are driving the vehicle should be aware of what each traffic sign means. Each traffic sign provides valuable information regarding the road/ roads ahead. Neglecting them can result in unfortunate consequences.

Traffic signs use more symbols on them than letters so that they are easily understandable to people. They communicate information to drivers and pedestrians so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents. If you fail to follow the instructions cited in the road sign, you may be fined since every country takes road rules seriously.

Enrol in a driving class:

In order to get your license, you have to clear a theoretical and on-road driving exam. Apart from mastering the different manoeuvres, you’ll have to answer questions regarding road signs to pass the test. When you enrol with a driving school, your instructor will teach you road signs, basics of driving and safe driving practices.

Consider enrolling with a driving school so that you can easily ace your driving test in the first attempt and emerge as a responsible driver. If you are looking for driving lessons Coffs Harbour, check out First Pass Go driving school. They are a popular choice of driving school by Australia residents.

They conduct practice test for students to improve their skills and prepare them to be a confident driver. Choose your own preferred instructor online. Book your class with them today. Brush up your knowledge of road signs before appearing for the driving test.

Road signs in Australia:

Road signs in Australia conform to national guidelines. The three types include:

Regulatory Signs: Refers to road rules that are mandatory to be followed. Failing to do so would lead to fines, demerit points or the driver’s license to be suspended or cancelled.

  • Speed limit: Maximum permissible speed in that area
  • Restricted turn signs: Some turns are banned to facilitate traffic flow.
  • Hook turn: Placed at intersections to make sure the flows of trams isn’t affected. IF you are to turn right at a intersection with a hook turn, take the left lane, turn on your right indictor, halt and wait till traffic clears before turning.
  • School zone: In school zones the driving speed should be limited to 40km/ h during specific times of the day.
  • Road works: This temporary sign is to indicate drivers to reduce their speed since road works are going on.
  • Stop: Come to a complete halt and proceed to drive with caution after giving away to other traffic.

Warning Signs:

There is diamond shaped permanent warning signs that warns drivers about a steep descent, a tight curve, a dip, a narrow bridge or a blind crest. Temporary warning signs are put up to inform about fallen trees or flooded roads.

Information signs:

They include information that is helpful to reach your destination – name of the street, distance to travel to reach the destination, direction of the destination etc.

Road signs are made by the law for our own betterment. Follow them at all times and be a responsible citizen.

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