Top things to do in Timisoara on Your Next Tour

Top things to do in Timisoara on Your Next Tour

Adventure is one thing that you cannot take away from people. So many people cherish and even visit places just for the experience. With the emergence of the internet, it is now much easier to get a place that you can visit just in case you are unable to find any.

The best adventure is always the one that involves some traveling and particularly traveling abroad. If you are looking for a place to visit and enjoy the best experience, then you need to plan tours in Timisoara. This is one place that will offer you everything as far as fun and adventure are concerned.

This region, located in Romania, has the best sites that can suit your spirit of adventure. If you are wondering exactly what it is that you can do in this region, then you need to consider the list below. In short, there is so much for you; then you can even imagine, take a look.

  • The rose’s park

The region of Timisoara bears the nickname the city of flowers. In short, the city has the best flower gardens. There are so many parks in this region that you will enjoy visiting. There are so many parks and especially beside the bega river.

The main reason behind the designing of this park was the exposition. The park was dug and used by the Calvary during the Second World War. However, after this period, the park was replanted and later on reopened. If you need to get the best of this park, you need to visit the park during the summer season.

It is one of those rare attractions you will ever find anywhere. The Rosses in this area blossom, and they come in so many varieties.

  • The museum of the communist consumer

This museum is open to visitors and other people every day. Even though this museum looks exactly like home, but is filled with so many items from the communist times that date back to 1989. This attraction has been carefully put in place by the best Timisoara artists.

A visit to this will see you enjoy viewing some of the best ancient electronic artifacts like kitchen equipment that you have never seen anywhere.

  • Botanic Park

The location of this park is in the northwest part of the old town. This park took shape in the mid-years. If you visit this park, you will experience over 218 different species. You will enjoy so many gardens and herbs in this park. You will also have an opportunity to experience some of the best ornamental gardens.

You will also be able to see some of the oldest traces of the ancient citadel walls. This place is so ideal for visiting with your family. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy meeting other visitors in this garden. If you are thinking of adventure, then you need to try out the Botanic Park in Timisoara.


If you are looking for a place where you can have the best fun and adventure with your family, visit the Timisoara. There is so much for you that will leave you with long-lasting memories.

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