Couples Can Enjoy A Romantic Stay in Memphis

Couples Can Enjoy A Romantic Stay in Memphis

Memphis is a Mecca for music lovers, but even a great city for couples wanting a romantic getaway. Even though its exclusive history is exhibited in museums or other attractions, Memphis remains a dynamic cultural destination. In summers, the days are hot and humid as the consistent sound of melodies fills the muggy air. In winter, the city is vibrant with holiday cheer and twinkling lights.

All around the year, Memphis has plenty of things that couples can enjoy together.

How couples can enjoy Memphis together?

Get immersed in live music on the Beale Street

On Beale Street, songs from the cotton fields originated years ago associated with life, hardships, and love. In Downtown Memphis, couples can spend a great time visiting the clubs where live performances of the Blues can be enjoyed. In the adjacent stores, you can pick mementos and recorded music.

A few great night-life destinations are the New Daisy Theater, Rum Boogie Café, Absinthe Room, etc. Visit to get to know about the happenings around.

Visit the historic estate of Elvis

Experience the romance and wonders of the incredible voice of Elvis, a poor hill-billy guy. With his mesmerizing performance, vocals, and style he has gained millions of fans all across the world. He had retired to a Graceland built on a 14 acre of land.

He died here and you can offer prayers at the graveyard on the estate grounds. Book a couple’s tour to the King of Rock ‘n’ Rolls estate in Graceland. If your visit is in January, the birthday of Elvis is happening or in August it is the Elvis week you can participate in.

Stay at the historic Peabody Hotel

In the city’s center lies the Peabody Hotel, which is known as the ‘Souths Grand Hotel’ because of its charming, elegant, and courteous hospitality. Couples can book their accommodation at this luxurious hotel all around the year.

The Peabody Ducks are the key attraction here. Five mallard ducks March across the grand lobby of the hotel on a red carpet every day towards the fountain and returns to their home on the top floor in an elevator.

At Lansky Brothers dress like a rock star

Lansky Brothers designed the clothes Elvis wore. Therefore, the shop remains a great attraction for men who adore dressing expressively. In the Peabody Hotel, the Lansky Brothers maintain a shop, which features branded attires for both men and women. Both of you can get dressed like a rock star and go for a candle-lit dinner.

At the River Park enjoy a laidback afternoon

Mud Island has a park, which honors the Mississippi River. It exhibits a monorail, Mississippi River Museum, and River Walk, which represents the river from Illinois to Louisiana. Enjoy a picnic together in the park or do activities like kayaking, biking, or pedal boating. Enjoy a spectacular view of the Memphis skyline from the park.

American soul music museum tour

The memory of the Stax Soul Music is kept alive at its legendary site in Tennessee. The expansive site holds 2,000+ musical memorabilia, items, and video footage that echo the magnitude of the American Soul music. It is a great place to explore with a music-loving partner.

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